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Elarasys Inc - Save 65-95% off IBM, SUN and HP equipment

From: Fraz Baig
Subject: Elarasys Inc - Save 65-95% off IBM, SUN and HP equipment
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 03:54:16

Dear Hardware Purchaser,
Thank you for your recent visit to
As you recall, Elarasys is a leading reseller and buyer of per-owned and pre-certified solutions.
Our inventory includes the full line of RS/6000, pSeries, SP2, AS/4000, Sun Microsystems, HP9000, SGI and DEC servers.
Here is what Elarasys offers:
  • Sell - Buy - Rent- Upgrade
  • Machines-Features-Parts-Memory-Disk-Tape-Peripherals
  • Workstations and features at 65-95% off the manufacturers list price.    
  • Most equipment ready to ship for next day delivery
  • All equipment comes with a 30 day warranty.
  • All equipment is guaranteed acceptable for original manufacturers maintenance.
  • We have over five million worth of inventory.
  • We offer Service and Support for AIX and UNIX.
    You receive pre-certified hardware that is 65-95% off the manufacturer list price quickly along with great customer service.
    Configure your machine online at our website and we will send you a quote. (Please be sure to mark Fraz Baig as Sales Contact)
    Why not find out how much money we can save you ? Please give me a call @ 1-847-755-9600 (ask for Fraz) or on the web
    If you would like a brochure on our company please reply with contact information, and I will send you one out today.
    Thank you for your time,
    Fraz Baig
    Sales Representative

    AOL S/N elarasysinc
    Office 1-847-755-9600


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