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problem loading SPSS 15.0 save files

From: Daniel E WILLIAMS
Subject: problem loading SPSS 15.0 save files
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 09:18:23 -0800

Hello, thanks for a building such an excellent piece of software.  Here is a slight problem I haven't figured out:
If I save a file in SPSS 15.0 (for Windows), and then try to load it in PSPP interactive mode, I get the following error:
PSPP> GET FILE = 'fcast_old_and_new_methods_matched_02.sav'.
error: corrupt system file: fcast_old_and_new_methods_matched_02.sav: File-
        indicated character representation code (Unknown) is not ASCII.
warning: This command not executed.
warning: The rest of this command has been discarded.

This does not happen if I save a file in PSPP and use GET FILE to retrieve it.  Additionally, SPSS 15.0 reads the files generated by PSPP just fine.  Any ideas on how to deal with this?  I'm using the United States locale, PSPP 0.4.0, and cygwin.
Could this be a problem due to how Unix and Windows differ in their end-line character?
I've attached the offending data file to this message.  Thanks,
Dan Williams
Forecasting, Research and Analysis Office
Finance and Policy Analysis
Department of Human Services
State of Oregon, USA
503 947 5354

Attachment: fcast_old_and_new_methods_matched_02.sav
Description: Binary data

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