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Re: Schedule for next version? & Some Volunteerism

From: unknown-1
Subject: Re: Schedule for next version? & Some Volunteerism
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2008 17:13:04 +0200

Hi Andy

Nice to hear somebody is helping the nice PSPP project. And I think it is a good idea if somebody offers some help/time to the project.

I am not a project member but wil give my ideas aboyut this:

I think one of the things the project needs is a howto install for the different distro's. I tried to do it for openSUSE in the wiki at If you are able to write a howto for Ubuntu I guess that would help users with there first problems when trying PSPP. And, it is a statement that PSPP is functioning at Ubuntu. I am afraid some potential users now dump PSPP because they don't find out quick enough how to install it.:-(

I myself was thinking about a "PSPP for dummies" when I was reading your posting. From what I can see at the PSPP-for-windows downloads etc, is there a lot of interest from Universities from all over the world. So a tutorial for students starting with analyzing and PSPP may be usefull. Off course a manual for "SPSS users switching to PSPP" is a good idea too.

Maybe starting this work in a wiki is a good idea because others can join your work for PSPP

Have fun

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