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Re: Blog

From: michel
Subject: Re: Blog
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 21:38:21 -0300
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> When I click on the "English" link in the menu on the right side
> of your blog, I go to,
> which just says "Not Found.  Sorry, but you are looking for
> something that is not here."
> How do I see the English version?

That's because when you click on English, you should only see English
posts. So far
I don't have anyone. But on the top menu you got three links. "InĂ­cio",
"Downloads" and
"About". Those are the pages translated so far. As English isn't my first
language, I feel
hard to write English posts.

I have an ideia of letting anyone from pspp-users or pspp-dev lists
to send me posts on its languages, or to write directly on the blog.

I receive about 200 visitors/day, and since the blog starts, I've already
received about 5.200 visitors,
so I think that its a good place to put informations.

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