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PSPP on MSWindows Campus computers

From: Harry Thijssen
Subject: PSPP on MSWindows Campus computers
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 21:35:06 +0100

I just uploaded a MSwindows setup for the PSPP master branche of
today. Have a look at for it.

Some additional info:

It is my impression that a lot of PSPP copy's run on Campus computers
with MSWindows where the person trying to install it has no
administrator rights. Unfortunately my current installer at  aborts if you don't have administrator
rights. However if you try to install in a directory where you have
write access PSPP is almost completely installed at the moment of the
abort. You just don't have the file associations with icons and the
shortcuts set. You will find:
 PSPPIRE : ...\pspp\bin\psppire.exe
 manual:  ..\pspp\share\pspp.html
 examples: ..\pspp\share\examples
 and several text-files in: ..\pspp\share
You can easy set the shortcuts yourself.
It is even sufficient to copy the pspp directory installed on a PC to
CD, USB-stick or whatever and use it on another MSWindows PC.

A question for the users:

Is there need for an installer which installs PSPP for private use so
there are no administrator rights needed for installation?

Have fun

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