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Problems with latest automatic Windows 7 update.

From: Galderisi, Peter
Subject: Problems with latest automatic Windows 7 update.
Date: Tue, 11 May 2010 19:12:31 -0700

It seems that, after working all year (I'm still using 6.1 in my classes), 
several glitches started the past week or so.  In particular, the GET FILE 
command seems not to operate (a problem my local tech 
told me is not just limited to PSPP or SPSS and the like).  I have been able to 
resolve the problem for my students in one of two ways"

1.  Sometimes, using " rather than ' to specify the file location and name 
works (don't ask me why).

2.  Using the pull down menu to open the data file works.

Other problems:

The 'Run selection' doesn't always work.  I've had my students run an entire 
syntax after reopening a fresh copy of a data file.

Is anyone else having this problem?  It's affecting all my students using 
Windows 7, but not XP or Vista.


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