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Re Problems with latest automatic Windows 7 update.

From: Harry Thijssen
Subject: Re Problems with latest automatic Windows 7 update.
Date: Wed, 12 May 2010 09:41:48 +0200


>It seems that, after working all year (I'm still using 6.1 in my classes),
>several glitches started the past week or so.  In particular, the GET FILE
>command seems not to operate (a problem my local tech
>told me is not just limited to PSPP or SPSS and the like).  I have been able to
>resolve the problem for my students in one of two ways"
>1.  Sometimes, using " rather than ' to specify the file location and name
>works (don't ask me why).
>2.  Using the pull down menu to open the data file works.
>Other problems:
>The 'Run selection' doesn't always work.  I've had my students run an entire
>syntax after reopening a fresh copy of a data file.
>Is anyone else having this problem?  It's affecting all my students using
>Windows 7, but not XP or Vista.

Hi Peter

Thanks for the report. 0.6.1 is build with an older toolchain so it
might be that it is not Windows 7 compatible. Would you mind trying
the latest 0.7.4 build from ?

Have fun

BTW If you use the "single user" version, install it on a separate map
and don't install a desktop link, it won't effect anything on your
computer. You can easily remove the map later and this complete 0.7.4
installation is gone.

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