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Re: AW: Import / Export Functions and other features missing for academi

From: Harry Thijssen
Subject: Re: AW: Import / Export Functions and other features missing for academic and office use in urban planning
Date: Tue, 10 May 2011 20:53:02 +0200

Hi Roman

Did you look in the manual which you can find on your computer from |
Start | All Programs | PSPP |  ?

Wikipedia is not written by the developers of PSPP as far as I know so
I wouldn't use it as a starting point.

Besides, I think
is a very good article worth linking too.

However as you already found out the source for the MSWindows build
pointed too is not pointing to the newest version and there is no need
to link on the internet for a manual as the manual for the version you
installed is available on your computer.

And just a small note. The article is written as if PSPP is a
MSWindows program. The PSPP developers write the code, they don't
deliver a package this is done by other people.
So different platforms have different problems. But the team is trying
to solve them. Copy/Paste not working correct on MSWindows is, I
guess, the biggest problem in the current MSWindows build.
If somebody has an idea how to fix this, or has time to look into the
problem that would be nice.

Have fun

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