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AW: Import / Export Functions and other features missing for academic an

From: Roman Seidl
Subject: AW: Import / Export Functions and other features missing for academic and office use in urban planning
Date: Tue, 10 May 2011 18:36:05 +0200

Dear PSPP community!

Thanks for your extensive replies! I am quite surprise on how much the
project seem to have got back alive within the last year.

Somehow no new window was opened when opening a file in 0.7.7 on
windows. I could not find anything about this in the 0.7.8 release
notes. Is it only in git for now that this changed?

I was confused when mentioning ODT - which seem to work for the output
(which is certainly very nice to have). 

I was actually thinking about ODS, XLS or DBF as a means to import and
export the current dataset.

I could not find out how to import ODS in 0.7.7 though Wikipedia (well
Wikipedia...) claims it should be possible (s., last modified on 30 January 2011 at

The only way to get Data out of PSPP for now seems to be exporting to a
text file which is a quite tedious job as the docs seem to be rather bad
and there is no such thing as a wizard.

Best regards

P.S: Wikipedia claims that "PSPP can import Gnumeric, OpenDocument and
Excel spreadsheets, Postgres databases, comma-separated values- and
ASCII-files." (, last modified on 30
January 2011 at 04:03) Anybody know why Excel is mentioned here? I also
didn't find how to import ods in the 0.7.7 docs.

P.P.S: The first download-link for windows on the PSPP home-page is
quite misleading as the development version offered there is far from
being up to date (0.7.5).

P.P.S.: Thanks for mentioning R-CRAN Alma :) I use that for my science
projects but the learning curve of R is still much steeper that of PSPP
when it comes to teaching students the basics of statistics - even
though there is quite nice guis like rcmdr or rkward.

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