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How to export to Excel

From: Jessie Braden
Subject: How to export to Excel
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2011 21:10:57 +0000

Thanks very much to everyone who helped me through the issue of exporting to Excel. What worked in the end is very simple but quite a few steps. I’m sure there’s an easier way to do it but in case other Windows users need to know:


How to Convert PSPP .sav files to Excel

1.       Open your .sav file in PSPP

2.       Choose File->New->Syntax

3.       In the Syntax Editor type LIST. (all caps and you must include a period).

4.       Then click on Run->All. This will put your entire data table into your Output Viewer in PSPP.

a.       If you don’t see your Output Viewer by default you can turn in on by clicking on Windows->Output in PSPP. Note that it can take a minute to run this list and it might not show up in your Output Viewer right away.

5.       Go to your Output Viewer window. Click on File->Export. Navigate to an appropriate output location on the server. Name your output file in the empty box. Then, from the dropdown at the bottom, choose HTML. When your screen looks like the one below, click Save.

6.       Open Windows Explorer. To do this, right click on the round Start Button in the very bottom, left corner of your computer monitor and choose Open Windows Explorer.

7.       Navigate to the location of your output file.

8.       You will see that your exported file doesn’t have a file type specified. It just says, “File.”

9.       For some reason, the file doesn’t remember that you chose .html when you exported it from PSPP. We need to remind it. Right click on the file name and choose, RENAME. This will allow you to type. Leave the file name as is but add .html to the end and hit Enter. You will now see that for type it says “Firefox Document or some other internet browser.

10.   Double click on your new file. It will automatically open in an internet browser.

11.   Come back to your internet browser and right click anywhere in the window. Choose Select All.

12.   When everything is selected right click and choose Copy (sometimes it takes a while for the copy menu to show up. Keep trying).

13.   Go to Excel and in the top, left cell right click and choose Paste.

14.   Delete any extra rows on data on top.

15.   Check to see that all records are there.  ***If all records do not appear, it’s likely that the program truncated your data and smashed a bunch of records into one row. Scroll through your data to find a very big cell. Copy that cell and paste it into a new data sheet. You will need to check carefully to make sure it pastes correctly and that no data is lost.


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