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csv files for import not visible

From: Jill Covert
Subject: csv files for import not visible
Date: Wed, 2 May 2012 21:19:04 -0700


So, suddenly I can't see any .csv files for importing into pspp. Neither on my laptop nor work computer.

I go to Import delimited text data; click on the folder where the .csv file is, but all folders come up empty. It doesn't matter if I choose to look at text files, text (.txt) files or Comma Separated Values files. How am I suddenly doing something wrong? :(

I am using: Windows psppire.exe 0.7.9-g656fc4 with the most recent (April 11) build of Harry's. Nothing that I can think of has changed since I was able to open .csv files in the past.

Thanks, as always, for any insight.


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