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Set icons for PSPP mime-types (GNOME)

From: Hugo Alejandro
Subject: Set icons for PSPP mime-types (GNOME)
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2013 17:08:14 -0400

Hi, I wanted to know if I can set icons for files used by PSPP (*.sav,
*.sps and *.por) in fedora 18/19, under the GNOME environment.

PSPP version (psppire 0.7.9)

The reason is that I use PSPP to teach data analysis in the social
sciences (basic aspects) in a secondary school. This project took a
long time and it is interesting as students learn early to use these
types of tools (not all excel).
However, this year for licensing issues, most of the computers run Linux.
My experience tells me that young people are very visual, and they had
become accustomed to the way "Windows" manages files (files that do
not show a particular icon extension associate).

PSPP on Windows displays a particular icon for each file type (which
does not happen in Linux). I have those files in PNG format.

In advance, thank you very much

Hugo Valencia
Cognitive Psychologist

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