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Re: Re: Excell to PSPP direct?

From: Harry Thijssen
Subject: Re: Re: Excell to PSPP direct?
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2014 19:29:39 +0100

     Is it possible for PSPP to directly import files from Excell without making them CSV-often this does not seem v straightforward

Importing directly from Excel is not possible. So you have to convert to *something*.
Something could include CSV, ODT, Gnumeric or HTML.

Will this depends. In newer MSOffice version you can set the OpenDocumentFormat as default. In that case your excell spreadsheats are stored as .ods files. I guess for your students their isn't a drawback in using this standard format above the proprietary Microsoft format. 
@John .odt is the text format, .ods is the spreadsheet.
     It would make implementing this as a SPSS alternate much easier
     Most students and faculty are looking for a legal free alternate,but this is one area of difficulty

One way to mitigate this difficulty would be to encourage your students to
use either Libreoffice/Openoffice or Gnumeric.  (In a few weeks' time there is the
international "Document Freedom Day" -
this would be an ideal time for them to make the change!)

This is would be the best and the cheapest for your students.
     I hope the plan for this year could include this (if possible) being added to the to-do list

There are dozens of mutually incompatble "excel" formats which microsoft have developed in the
past.  It is possible that in the future, import from the more recent XML based one (I forget what
it is called) may be feasible in PSPP, but the other ones seem unlikely.  Exporting to excel
formats is equally unlikely.

:-) and Microsoft has defined an open standard OOXML for documents and at least office versions before 2013 implemented this version but their another version of OOXML. Weird isn't it?

But.....I just tested importing a .ods file, generared bij MSOffice 2010, in pspp on MSWindows 7 using the wizard and it gives me rubish.
It looks as if there is a bug in this import wizard! I doubt this is MSWindows specific.

Have fun

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