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Re: problems importing csv files

From: Karl Sinn
Subject: Re: problems importing csv files
Date: Mon, 03 Nov 2014 18:27:48 +0100
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I tried to read your file into R and it worked with no errors but....
The data is absolutely not usable for any statistics. Sometimes I get values, sometimes labels and also the whole information about the coding is included in this csv file.
For me this looks like a SPSS file in csv-format which is IMO nonsense.

Can you export the data in a different format?
Can you choose to only have variables and data without the coding and label information in the file?

If you will be able to get a "clean" csv, I'm pretty sure pspp won't cause you any more trouble.


Am 01.11.2014 19:21, schrieb Benjamin Oppermann:
This is psppire 0.7.9 on Kubuntu 14.04. All software was installed and
kept up to date from the GNU/Linux distro repositories.

I can't get this .csv file correctly imported into pspp. I opened it in
Libreoffice Calc  (v. and saved as .osd.
To be honest, I'm not sure whetherI should choose commas or semicolons
or both as separating chars. 
In Calc, semicolons only or bot seems to look neat, but PSPP jumbles
everything up.
Some variables have mixed data types, e.g. the text of the given answer
mixed with the numbers corresponding to the answer.
For reference, I attached one file that was output as a result of the
same online survey, and has fewer cases than the one I'm working with
now, but the same variables.
Thanks, Ben

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