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Re: FW: Missing sub commands in PSPP

From: F. Thomas
Subject: Re: FW: Missing sub commands in PSPP
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2014 00:26:35 +0100
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On 30/12/2014 23:13, Alan Mead wrote:

It looks like you are running PSPP directly.  Maybe the manual tells you to do so, but you actually want to run PSPPIRE, the GUI shell.

When I install the latest 64-bit Windows PSPP from I can start PSPP(IRE) the same way I start all Windows 7 programs: Start > All programs > PSPP > PSPP

PSPPIRE is also the default handler for .sav files, so if you navigate to the examples folder ("C:\Program Files\PSPP\share\pspp\examples" or Start > All Programs > PSPP > Examples) and double-click on phisiology.sav, it should bring up the PSPPIRE data window.  On that window, select File > New > Syntax and paste your syntax ("EXAMINE height weight BY sex /STATISTICS = EXTREME (3) /PLOT = BOXPLOT /COMPARE = GROUPS.") into that window.  Then select Run > All.
I sometimes use Notepad for easier writing of syntax. But Copy-Paste from Notepad to PSPP never works. So I had to give it up .
I work with PSPP 0.8.4-gf3a-50d and Windows 7 Profesessional.


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