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Re: installation of /2016-01-24/pspp-090+20160124-snapshot-64bits-setup.

From: ftr
Subject: Re: installation of /2016-01-24/pspp-090+20160124-snapshot-64bits-setup.exe
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2016 01:00:12 +0100
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To control the hash value I installed the file checksum tool but dont get to execute its 4th step.

Start the tool from where you have saved the downloaded file.
Section "1) File to Verify": Insert the path and filename of the downloaded 
file. The [Browse] button will help to locate it with the Windows Explorer.
Section "2) Hashing Algorithm": Choose "SHA-256" or "MD5".
Section "3) File Checksum": Click on [Calculate Hash].
Section "4) Verify With": Paste the hash from the SHA256 / MD5 file you have 
First you have to open it and copy the hash value.

When I click on the downloaded file it starts to
setup !

I guess I miss something.


On 27/01/2016 15:22, Harry Thijssen wrote:
 >I try to install thecurrent 64 bit windows version

 >dated 24th January, 2016, and get a series of error messages:
 >1/ Panda AV Pro does not find any virus.
 >2/ Revo Uninstall Pro starts and then declares File not accessible or
does not exist or I miss administrator rights.
 >3/ So I start the setup in admin mode. result: file not found.
 >4/ Panda AV Pro declares 1 virus found & neutralised
 >5/ The setup file disppeared.
 >I guess 5 is linked to 4.
 >Are you sure there is no virus and the 2nd Panda message is a false
positive ?

 From a scientific  point of view it is impossible to prove the absence
of a virus. However it is highly unlikely that the file contains a virus
- the file you got was never on a MSWindows platform before you received
it. (if you downloaded it from sourceforge) The package is completely
produced on, and uploaded from, a GNU/Linux environment.
- the file you mentioned is at least downloaded 10 times. There are no
other reports of viruses.

It looks as if some process on your computer is interacting with the
installation. This might be Panda and I guess point 4 is the clue for
all the issues.

BTW, it is not necessary to have administrator rights to
install/uninstall the package if your are the only user of PSPP on that


Have fun

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