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dired help and development status

From: Piscium
Subject: dired help and development status
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2022 14:27:37 +0100


I could not find an users mailing list so I will ask here. In dired I
can navigate the tree and see a preview of the file on the right pane.
How can I edit the file whose preview I see? I tried some of the ways
this works in emacs without success.

On another subject, I got a bunch of compiler warnings when building
qemacs and while using dired qemacs hang. The last change in this repo
(nongnu.org) was in 2020. I wonder if development has stopped or if it
has moved to some other repo? I found a bunch of qemacs clones in
github but none that seems the successor to this one.

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