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Re: dired help and development status

From: Piscium
Subject: Re: dired help and development status
Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2022 08:08:42 +0100

On Tue, 2 Aug 2022 at 15:31, Charlie Gordon <qemacs@chqrlie.org> wrote:

> > In dired I can navigate the tree and see a preview of the file on the right 
> > pane.
> > How can I edit the file whose preview I see? I tried some of the ways
> > this works in emacs without success.
> In dired the right pane is in “preview” mode: the right arrow or the enter 
> key make it current and cursor movement keys cause scrolling instead of 
> moving point.
> You can exit preview mode by typing ^G or Enter inside the preview pane.

With Emacs with the right arrow or the Return key I can start editing
right away. I had not realised that with Qemacs one needs the
additional keypress of Return or ^G. Thanks, I can now edit files.

Another support question...
In Emacs if I press 'C-x d' the Dired mode is entered, then if I press
'q' the Dired mode is exited.
In Qemacs if I press 'C-x C-d' the Dired mode is entered. How does one
then exit the Dired mode? If I press 'q' I get the message "Bufer is
read only". What is the equivalent of pressing 'q' in Emacs?

> I just migrated the official repository to github: 
> https://github.com/qemacs/qemacs
> Try compiling the latest version and if you still get warnings, tell me the 
> compiler version so I can fix them.

I will do that by a separate email. Is it the case that from now on
the latest Qemacs version will be in Github and no more in cvs in
nongnu.org? The reason I ask is that if the reference version is being
permanently moved to Github I could suggest in Arch Linux to use the
version in Github. Arch is what I use on the desktop. Currently there
are two AUR packages but both have old versions.

> I use it every day for most of my work, feel free to give me feedback on 
> annoyances and feature requests.

Since you asked, I would suggest improvements in the documentation,
the html/texi file. For example, currently there is a section on
Dired, but it has just a single paragraph. I would be helpful if a
list was provided of all the commands that are implemented in Dired
mode, mentioning also any default shortcut if it exists and how to
exit the Dired mode. Another example is the Invocation section, which
also seems out of date as it is missing some options. As a third
example, the documentation is out of date with respect to what are the
languages for which syntax colouring is available. Syntax colouring is
a feature that some other micro emacsen don't have so there is value
in bringing that up to date. For example, a new section could be
added, named Syntax Colouring, listing all the languages for which it
is implemented (currently that information is spread out over a few

Finally thanks for providing Qemacs to the community!

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