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Re: [Qemu-devel] port to netbsd

From: Bochnig, Martin
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] port to netbsd
Date: Wed, 01 Sep 2004 05:25:36 +0200
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David Howland wrote:
Well, I managed to get it to compile on NetBSD. I had to use gcc 2.95 to do it, because of the dyngen errors.

So, NetBSD can run Linux binaries, and at first, I was trying to run the 0.6.0 binaries from the frontpage.


I don't run *BSD (I downloaded FreeBSD but it didn't install on my AMD32 PC due to IDE controller probing hangs).

BTW: I started with running the prebuilt QEMU 0.6.0 Linux_i386 binary on my Solaris10_x86 host too. I used the user space Linux_x86<<--->>Solaris_x86 ELF system call translator 'lxrun0.9.5' for that purpose. It has no support for LKM (loadable kernel modules) nor does it support too kernel specific system calls. LXrun runs most linux binaries - but unfortunately neither wine nor VMware or old Plex86.
*But it does run QEMU - thanx to Fabrice's brilliant design.*

Luckily did I get QEMU 0.6.0 compiled for Solaris10_x86 (with the help of Eric's patch - slightly upgraded and applied by hand [version mismatch]).

Yes - either supply the diffs or offer your source tree including the built files as package.
I assume the NetBSD would be very happy about that.

'/usr/local/bin/qemu' runs perfectly, stable and as fast as under Fedora core 2. The other targets (qemu-fast, qemu-ppc and so on) did compile even under Solaris10_x86. But they crash with a segfault when run.
Slirp didn't compile and needed to be disabled.


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