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[Qemu-devel] More PPC emulation fixes

From: J. Mayer
Subject: [Qemu-devel] More PPC emulation fixes
Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2005 00:04:53 +0100

Here's a new patch that fixes the last (!) bug in PPC fixed point
operations and most FPU bugs.

Apply and enjoy.

More infos about this patch:

I did test exhaustively all arithmetic, logical and compare operations
for fixed point and floating points computation with large ranges of
operands then compared the result with the ones I got from a real G3.

The bugs I found which are fixed with this patch are:
- srawi did set the overflow bit in XER register
  in some case when used with a 0 shift. 
  Then, I now do no computation if shift is 0.
- I did forget to generate FP_UNAVAILABLE 
  exception when trying to use lfd, lfs, stfd 
  and stfs instructions when FPU is not
  enabled. This lead to random 
  crashes or bad computations under Linux.
- operands for fsel where interverted.
- fres major opcode was false.
- conversion from float to int has been 
- floating points operations applied on single
  operands where false: PPC specifies that 
  the cast to single should be done only on 
  the computation result. Then I removed all
  micro-ops for single float operands and 
  now  just use frsp after computation.
- multiply-and-add/sub-and-negate
  operations have been fixed for special 
  operands (NaN, infinite, ...)
- estimated single operation (ie fres, frsqrte)
  have been fixed for special operands
- absolute values computation have been 
- I also removed unusefull tb_flush & 
  tlb_flush which are not needed anymore
  now that tb flags are set properly.

There still are some things to improve:
- some computations on single operands 
  may have a difference on the last 
  significant bit of the mantissa. This only 
  appears when a multiplication is involved, 
  ie for fmuls, fmadds, fmsubs, fnmadds and 
  fnmsubs. All other operations give exactly 
  the same result as a real G3. As PPC specs 
  talks about multiply computation with 105 
  bits mantissa intermediary results, I may 
  have to use long doubles to fix this issue 
  (not tried). But I really think the current
  results may not hurt anyone.
- No flags are managed for floating-point 
  computations, except for compare 
  instructions. This does not seem to be 
  important for the glibc but is a potential 
  problem for other OSes.

With this patch, Debian Sarge is now able to install. It need OHW
patches to reboot and go on running the installer. I'll released a
second 0.4 preview with fixes for this (and more...) soon.
However, one need to run "expert" installation, or the installer will go
into an infinite loop trying to probe the link on the NE2k device.

J. Mayer <address@hidden>
Never organized

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