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Update: [Qemu-devel] MS-DOS Network Client

From: Andreas Krause
Subject: Update: [Qemu-devel] MS-DOS Network Client
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 15:22:55 +0100

A little update to my last posting:

Using the BIOS files included in the current release of bochs I was able to 
load both, the ne2000.dos in ISA mode and the pcind.dos for RTL8029(AS) in PCI 
mode. When loading pcind.dos the MAC address is displayed.

But: Both configuration aren't able to transmit a single packet. Using Linux or 
NT4.0 images with the same configuration of qemu and host OS networking works 
pretty fine. But no networking in DOS.

Any clue?

A. Krause

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