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Re: [Qemu-devel] quick gtk2.c update

From: Herbert Poetzl
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] quick gtk2.c update
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 05:53:14 +0200
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On Tue, Jun 21, 2005 at 05:45:12PM -0500, address@hidden wrote:
> "Jim C. Brown"
> > I disagree. I think distributing the GTK library with qemu (even for 
> > windows
> > versions) is a very bad idea. At most, the qemu installer should just 
> > download
> > and run the GTK installer. At most.
> It's a very bad idea to have the installer need to go back on to the net to 
> download something else.
> The user should get the whole thing at once.

yes, that's what hyperlinks are for, just put _another_ one
on the download site saying something like: "this also 
requires that you install bla, bla and bla. you can get
a recent version of them here, here and here" ...

> > GTK libraries are not part of qemu, they are a separate resource that qemu
> > depends on.
> As far as the user is concerned, they are part of qemu.

as is VBRUN.dll for each and every application .. NOT!

this is the windows concept of 'do not share libraries',
'do not trust installed resources' and 'do not keep any
compatibility' ...

> > qemu is 3.4M here. So I don't think that is so bad. Especially when that 
> > one
> It shouldn't be.
> There isn't that much conceptually different between windows and linux that 
> should cause it to be that big.
> > set of 6M libs can be shared by many different applications (qemu, xchat, 
> > etc).
> Not under windows, it wont be.
> For us Windows users, qemu will be the only program we use that will need 
> gtk libs.
> Realistically, we don't need GTK.  We've already got a GUI with an api. 
> That's what windows programmers use.  The vast majority of us will never use 
> xchat etc.  Qemu may be the only one they use.

so why not make a native GUI for windows, and just
use that? (according to Micro$oft this could not take
longer than a five minutes with their advanced tools)

> And it's not a good idea to distribute the libraries seperately.

it's neither smart nor good to deploy apps bundled
with a complete operating system. period.

> Or put them in the Windows system directory.  Too much junk gets put there 
> already due to years and years of poor programming, careless authors, 
> indifferent programmers, and Microsoft's encouragement.

precisely, and every app wants to use their 'personal'
version of lib whatever, but that's a windows issue,
nothing which should concern QEMU ...

> >> As for the gui... Well, I haven't seen that yet.  What little I see looks
> >> the same boring Windows window that qemu always runs in.  The gtk version
> >> isn't usable yet.
> > The GTK version, on Linux, is perfectly usable. It is no more usable than 
> > the
> > SDL version, but no less.
> But it's not usable on Windows yet.
> As I said, so far, I'm not seeing *any* gui.  Even the keyboard is messed 
> up, so you can't even use the guest OS.
> > On Windows, you have no fullscreen support. Everything else should be 
> > exactly
> > the same. If it's not, I'll try to fix it.
> I never use full screen, myself.
> I much prefer a window.  Preferably one that's resizable, scroll bars, etc. 
> etc.
> >> It runs, but there are keyboard problems.
> >>
> >
> > What keyboard problems? There shouldn't be any for the GTK version.
> As I said in the other message (which I may have accidently sent directly to 
> you, instead of the list)
> It's not doing the regular US keyboard.  At least it doesn't eappear to be.
> I can get symbols, a few letters, but not the whole thing.  And none of it
> is normal.  Press '1' to get 'n' and so on.
> However, it doesn't appear that the -k keyboard option works for the windows
> version.
> I tried my builds and the official 0.70 build and they don't accept it
> either.
> I tried -k fr -k de -k en-us and so on, and they don't recognise it.
> (I've never tried the -k option before, but according to the docs, it isn't 
> needed for Windows builds.  So it may not be enabled.)
> So, assuming the problem is that gtk can't recognise I'm using a US
> keyboard, I can't do anything to force it.


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