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Re: wxWidgets and C: was Re: [Qemu-devel] QEMU GUI

From: David Fraser
Subject: Re: wxWidgets and C: was Re: [Qemu-devel] QEMU GUI
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 09:44:23 +0200
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John R. wrote:
> On 7/8/06, Oliver Gerlich <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Is wxC still under active development? The CVS version seems to be quite
>> old, and I also couldn't find any documentation.
> Well it wouldn't be the first unmaintained batch of code added to
> QEMU... Slirp is the example that comes to mind. In fact I think the
> QEMU developers are the de facto maintainers of the Slirp codebase.
>> So I think we should either just use GTK, or make Qemu ready for
>> integration of C++ GUI code (and use one of the common GUI toolkits), or
> It seems pretty clear that C++ is a non-starter.
I don't think so. I think the real goal here should be to decide: what
are the required features for a Qemu GUI that meets a broad range of
needs, and what would be the fastest and most maintainable way to code
them? Surely the integration with the Qemu backend would still be
decoupled enough that you could compile Qemu without the GUI using only
C if you wanted to?


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