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Re: [Qemu-devel] SUNWqemu-0.8.2, REV=2006.10.14-sol8-sparc-opt.pkg relea

From: Blue Swirl
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] SUNWqemu-0.8.2, REV=2006.10.14-sol8-sparc-opt.pkg released
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 17:15:14 +0200

The problem is gnu-ld vs. sun-ld, rather than Linux vs. Solaris.
I cannot find an equivalent option for sun-ld.
32bit sparc.ld is also disabled under Solaris for that reason, and has
always been.

Thanks for the long explanation, I asked because the script was a quick hack.

One odd observation: If I try to make use of AREG1 in
target-sparc/exec.h, it would _always_ result in a segfault in
gen_code_buffer(), no matter at all, which physical sparc host-register
I would have assigned to AREG1 in dyngen-exec.h.
There is something that makes AREG1 itself unusable on sparc hosts for
all other emulation targets, except i386-softmmu, x86_64-softmmu (and
maybe ppc-softmmu).

Linux libc uses %g1 without saving in setjmp, maybe Solaris has the same problem. I haven't found any free three global registers which would work. Using local registers would solve this problem, but then no functions outside the TB couldn't access T0-2.

Maybe we could use global registers for T0 and T1 and env->T2 for T2?

The Solaris_sparc guest 32bit kernel still died a month ago, did you
make progress?

Is there an installation disk somewhere for sparc32? I thought the last Solaris supporting V8 CPUs was Solaris 8, which was very much not free.

Are there ways to lern from the now open source sun4v's OBP to see, what
SUNW's proprietary OBP handles differently, when compared to the public
ieee1275-1994 standard or other implementations like SmartFirmware?
(wasn't there a "SUNW-compatibility" #ifdef in SmartFirmware [I don't
have that code] ? )

Someone with advanced Forth skills could try to find the differences. The sun4v model is a bit different from sun4u and sun4m, OBP just talks to the hypervisor.

May it be possible, to employ SUNW's sun4v OBP in a potential future
sun4v emulation target (i.e. as -M option of sparc64-softmmu)?

Sure. The existing unfinished sun4u code could be enhanced with the needed sun4v features. But there is still much to do with the common stuff, like adding VIS instructions, interrupt handling and PCI. Maybe you could try to add sparc_v8plus support for the Linux user emulator to polish the CPU? Or add emulation for Linux userland on Solaris?

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