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Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH 04/14] qdev: take ownership of id pointer

From: Anthony Liguori
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH 04/14] qdev: take ownership of id pointer
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2011 08:04:23 -0500
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On 09/20/2011 01:36 AM, Gerd Hoffmann wrote:
On 09/19/11 18:27, Anthony Liguori wrote:
On 09/19/2011 02:34 AM, Gerd Hoffmann wrote:
FYI: Keeping the pointer to the QemuOpts has one more reason: It will
free the
QemuOpts on hot-unplug, which is needed to free the id from QemuOpts
point of
view, which in turn allows to re-use the id when hot-plugging the same
another) device later on.

You mean, tie QemuOpts life cycle to devices life cycle


such that you
cannot accidentally create a non-device QemuOpts that conflicts with the
id of a device?

Device QemuOpts have their own id namespace, so this is just about conflicts
within devices. This ...

device_add e1000,id=nic1
device_del nic1
device_add e1000,id=nic1

... will work only if you free the QemuOpts when deleting a device, otherwise
QemuOpts will complain that nic1 is used already.

But we can just verify that the id specified for qdev is unique at creation time and fail creation if it isn't, no?

Since not all devices are assigned names via qemuopts, that seems like a safer approach anyway.


Anthony Liguori


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