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Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH for-1.1] Makefile: Fix QOM dependencies

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH for-1.1] Makefile: Fix QOM dependencies
Date: Tue, 29 May 2012 11:43:43 +0200
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Il 29/05/2012 11:28, Andreas Färber ha scritto:
> Am 29.05.2012 09:05, schrieb Gerd Hoffmann:
>> -    rm -f slirp/*.o slirp/*.d audio/*.o audio/*.d block/*.o block/*.d 
>> net/*.o net/*.d fsdev/*.o fsdev/*.d ui/*.o ui/*.d qapi/*.o qapi/*.d qga/*.o 
>> qga/*.d
>> -    rm -f qom/*.o qom/*.d
>> +    rm -f slirp/*.o audio/*.o block/*.o net/*.o fsdev/*.o ui/*.o qapi/*.o 
>> qga/*.o
>> +    rm -f qom/*.o
> I think this is calling for a centrally maintained (or automatically
> derived) list of build directories.

Quite difficult with the abuse of vpath that we currently have... but we
can still proceed incrementally.


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