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[Qemu-devel] [PATCH 42/43] qtest: Fix deadloop by running main loop AIO

From: Michael Roth
Subject: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH 42/43] qtest: Fix deadloop by running main loop AIO context's timers
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2015 15:48:17 -0600

From: Fam Zheng <address@hidden>

qemu_clock_run_timers() only takes care of main_loop_tlg, we shouldn't
forget aio timer list groups.

Currently, the qemu_clock_deadline_ns_all (a few lines above) counts all
the timergroups of this clock type, including aio tlg, but we don't fire
them, so they are never cleared, which makes a dead loop.

For example, this function hangs when trying to drive throttled block
request queue with qtest clock_step.

Signed-off-by: Fam Zheng <address@hidden>
Acked-by: Paolo Bonzini <address@hidden>
Message-id: address@hidden
Signed-off-by: Stefan Hajnoczi <address@hidden>
(cherry picked from commit efef88b3d9ad4325172ed288032807fa88d683cc)
Signed-off-by: Michael Roth <address@hidden>
 cpus.c | 4 ++++
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+)

diff --git a/cpus.c b/cpus.c
index 0c33458..ff555e2 100644
--- a/cpus.c
+++ b/cpus.c
@@ -372,15 +372,19 @@ static void icount_warp_rt(void *opaque)
 void qtest_clock_warp(int64_t dest)
     int64_t clock = qemu_clock_get_ns(QEMU_CLOCK_VIRTUAL);
+    AioContext *aio_context;
+    aio_context = qemu_get_aio_context();
     while (clock < dest) {
         int64_t deadline = qemu_clock_deadline_ns_all(QEMU_CLOCK_VIRTUAL);
         int64_t warp = qemu_soonest_timeout(dest - clock, deadline);
         timers_state.qemu_icount_bias += warp;
+        timerlist_run_timers(aio_context->tlg.tl[QEMU_CLOCK_VIRTUAL]);
         clock = qemu_clock_get_ns(QEMU_CLOCK_VIRTUAL);

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