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[Qemu-devel] lsi53c895a lsi_do_dma assertion failure

From: Chris Takemura
Subject: [Qemu-devel] lsi53c895a lsi_do_dma assertion failure
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2015 08:59:53 -0700
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Hi everyone,

We're using qemu as a device model for xen 4.4.  Lately we've been having qemu crashes with this output:

lsi_scsi: error: Unhandled writeb 0xff = 0x0

lsi_scsi: error: Unhandled writeb 0x100 = 0x0

lsi_scsi: error: Unhandled writeb 0x101 = 0x0

lsi_scsi: error: Unhandled writeb 0x102 = 0x0

qemu-system-i386: /home/chris/qemu/hw/scsi/lsi53c895a.c:541: lsi_do_dma: Assertion `s->current' failed.

This is with a clean qemu-2.1.0 tree, built for Xen.

I confirmed that commit d1d74664ea99cdc571afee12e31c8625595765b0 is present in our code.  (As described in the thread that begins with http://qemu-devel.nongnu.narkive.com/LtGj28sZ/win2k8-32-bit-mix-of-ide-and-scsi-assertion ).

Any ideas?

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