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Re: [Qemu-devel] AVX support for TCG

From: Nick Renieris
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] AVX support for TCG
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2018 19:19:18 +0200

Στις Παρ, 28 Δεκ 2018 στις 4:39 μ.μ., ο/η Peter Maydell
<address@hidden> έγραψε:
> If your editor can't show multiple views onto one file with
> the same simplicity and UI as it has for multiple different
> files then I would suggest getting a better editor :-)

Apparently I just didn't know how to use my editor :) In my defense,
I've never had to do this before.

> Unless you want to restrict all your files to 100 lines or
> shorter then you need to be able to see multiple parts of them
> at once -- one 10,000 line file is no worse than 4 2500 line
> files for this.

As you mention below, logical separation is key here, I definitely
didn't mean that there should be arbitrary LoC limits for each file.

> There are definitely improvements that could be made to
> the x86 code, and where splitting of files makes conceptual
> sense it's certainly worthwhile. The trick is finding the
> right logical splitting points.

Agreed, though it's not something I can personally help on, unless I
spend quite a long time getting acquainted with _this_ code first.

I'd like to get some answers to my previous question about estimates
of the total amount of work required before considering diving into

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