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Re: [PATCH RFC] memory: Don't allow to resize RAM while migrating

From: David Hildenbrand
Subject: Re: [PATCH RFC] memory: Don't allow to resize RAM while migrating
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2020 12:08:22 +0100
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On 14.02.20 12:02, Dr. David Alan Gilbert wrote:
> * David Hildenbrand (address@hidden) wrote:
>> On 14.02.20 11:42, Dr. David Alan Gilbert wrote:
>>> * David Hildenbrand (address@hidden) wrote:
>>>> On 14.02.20 11:25, Dr. David Alan Gilbert wrote:
>>>>> * David Hildenbrand (address@hidden) wrote:
>>>>>> Resizing while migrating is dangerous and does not work as expected.
>>>>>> The whole migration code works on the usable_length of ram blocks and 
>>>>>> does
>>>>>> not expect this to change at random points in time.
>>>>>> Precopy: The ram block size must not change on the source, after
>>>>>> ram_save_setup(), so as long as the guest is still running on the source.
>>>>>> Postcopy: The ram block size must not change on the target, after
>>>>>> synchronizing the RAM block list (ram_load_precopy()).
>>>>>> AFAIKS, resizing can be trigger *after* (but not during) a reset in
>>>>>> ACPI code by the guest
>>>>>> - hw/arm/virt-acpi-build.c:acpi_ram_update()
>>>>>> - hw/i386/acpi-build.c:acpi_ram_update()
>>>>>> I see no easy way to work around this. Fail hard instead of failing
>>>>>> somewhere in migration code due to strange other reasons. AFAIKs, the
>>>>>> rebuilts will be triggered during reboot, so this should not affect
>>>>>> running guests, but only guests that reboot at a very bad time and
>>>>>> actually require size changes.
>>>>>> Let's further limit the impact by checking if an actual resize of the
>>>>>> RAM (in number of pages) is required.
>>>>>> Don't perform the checks in qemu_ram_resize(), as that's called during
>>>>>> migration when syncing the used_length. Update documentation.
>>>>> Interesting; we need to do something about this - but banning resets
>>>>> during migration is a bit harsh; and aborting the source VM is really
>>>>> nasty - for a precopy especially we shouldn't kill the source VM,
>>>>> we should just abort the migration.
>>>> Any alternative, easy solutions to handle this? I do wonder how often
>>>> this will actually trigger in real life.
>>> Well it's not that hard to abort a migration (I'm not sure we've got a
>>> convenient wrapper to do it - but it shouldn't be hard to add).
>> We do have qmp_migrate_cancel(). I hope that can be called under BQL.
> Well it's a monitor command so I think so; although it's not really
> designed for an error - it's a user action.  Doing a
> migrate_set_error(..) followed by a qemu_file_shutdown is probably a
> good bet.

I'll base on "[PATCH v2 fixed 00/16] Ram blocks with resizable anonymous
allocations under POSIX", where I extend the ram block notifier with a
resize notification.

migrate/ram.c can register the notifier and react accordingly. E.g., for
precopy, abort migration. Not sure about postcopy (below).

>> Can that be called in both, precopy and postcopy case? I assume in the
>> precopy, it's easy.
> The problem is during postcopy you're toast when that happens because
> you can't restart; however, can this happen once we're actually in
> postcopy?  It's a little different - if it happens before the transition
> to postcopy then it's the same as precopy; if it happens afterwards..
> well it's going to happen ont he destination side and that's quite
> different.

If it happens after, we are in trouble at least with received bitmaps.
Not sure about other issues (it's a lot of code :) ). Especially
shrinking while trying to place pages will be bad and fail. It's code
that assumes used_length won't change.

ramblock_recv_bitmap_send() on the target and ram_dirty_bitmap_reload()
on the source. ram_dirty_bitmap_reload() will bail out if the sizes
don't match.


David / dhildenb

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