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Re: [PATCH v2] i386: Add the support for AMD EPYC 3rd generation process

From: Eduardo Habkost
Subject: Re: [PATCH v2] i386: Add the support for AMD EPYC 3rd generation processors
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 2021 18:26:30 -0500

On Tue, Feb 09, 2021 at 03:04:05PM -0600, Babu Moger wrote:
> Adds the support for AMD 3rd generation processors. The model
> display for the new processor will be EPYC-Milan.
> Adds the following new feature bits on top of the feature bits from
> the first and second generation EPYC models.
> pcid          : Process context identifiers support
> ibrs          : Indirect Branch Restricted Speculation
> ssbd          : Speculative Store Bypass Disable
> erms          : Enhanced REP MOVSB/STOSB support
> fsrm          : Fast Short REP MOVSB support
> invpcid       : Invalidate processor context ID
> pku           : Protection keys support
> svme-addr-chk : SVM instructions address check for #GP handling
> Depends on the following kernel commits:
> 14c2bf81fcd2 ("KVM: SVM: Fix #GP handling for doubly-nested virtualization")
> 3b9c723ed7cf ("KVM: SVM: Add support for SVM instruction address check 
> change")
> 4aa2691dcbd3 ("8ce1c461188799d863398dd2865d KVM: x86: Factor out x86 
> instruction emulation with decoding")
> 4407a797e941 ("KVM: SVM: Enable INVPCID feature on AMD")
> 9715092f8d7e ("KVM: X86: Move handling of INVPCID types to x86")
> 3f3393b3ce38 ("KVM: X86: Rename and move the function 
> vmx_handle_memory_failure to x86.c")
> 830bd71f2c06 ("KVM: SVM: Remove set_cr_intercept, clr_cr_intercept and 
> is_cr_intercept")
> 4c44e8d6c193 ("KVM: SVM: Add new intercept word in vmcb_control_area")
> c62e2e94b9d4 ("KVM: SVM: Modify 64 bit intercept field to two 32 bit vectors")
> 9780d51dc2af ("KVM: SVM: Modify intercept_exceptions to generic intercepts")
> 30abaa88382c ("KVM: SVM: Change intercept_dr to generic intercepts")
> 03bfeeb988a9 ("KVM: SVM: Change intercept_cr to generic intercepts")
> c45ad7229d13 ("KVM: SVM: Introduce 
> vmcb_(set_intercept/clr_intercept/_is_intercept)")
> a90c1ed9f11d ("(pcid) KVM: nSVM: Remove unused field")
> fa44b82eb831 ("KVM: x86: Move MPK feature detection to common code")
> 38f3e775e9c2 ("x86/Kconfig: Update config and kernel doc for MPK feature on 
> AMD")
> 37486135d3a7 ("KVM: x86: Fix pkru save/restore when guest CR4.PKE=0, move it 
> to x86.c")
> Signed-off-by: Babu Moger <babu.moger@amd.com>

Queued, thanks!


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