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[Bug 1916344] Re: User mode networking not working properly on QEMU on M

From: Ven Karri
Subject: [Bug 1916344] Re: User mode networking not working properly on QEMU on Mac OS X host
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2021 02:32:30 -0000

I am not sure if a separate slirp installation via macports is
necessary. When you install qemu via homebrew, it's supposed to install
any slirp related libarries as part of qemu installation. Having said
that, I haven't noticed a slirp package installed on my mac when I did a
`brew list`.

So, I don't know how exactly is qemu packing slirp libraries within
itself while installing on a mac. I think there's some kinda git option
during installation. Perhaps brew uses that.

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  User mode networking not working properly on QEMU on Mac OS X host

Status in QEMU:

Bug description:
  Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install QEMU using homebrew on Mac OS X (I tried on Catalina and Big Sur)
  2. Spin up a guest VM (say) Cent OS 8 using user mode networking.
  3. Install podman inside the guest
  4. Run podman pull alpine

  The result is:

  [root@localhost ~]# podman pull alpine
  Resolved "alpine" as an alias 
  Trying to pull docker.io/library/alpine:latest...
  Getting image source signatures
  Copying blob ba3557a56b15 [======================================] 2.7MiB / 
    unexpected EOF
  Error: Error writing blob: error storing blob to file 
"/var/tmp/storage851171596/1": error happened during read: unexpected EOF

  This is happening because QEMU is telling the guest that the TCP
  connection is closed even before reading all the data from the host
  socket and forwarding it to the guest.

  This issue doesn't happen on a Linux host. So, that tells me that this
  has something to do with QEMU installation on Mac OS X.

  This could be a slirp related issue. So, QEMU/slirp may need to work
  together on fixing this. Here's the link to the libslirp issue:


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