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[PATCH 00/50] i386 cleanup part 3

From: Richard Henderson
Subject: [PATCH 00/50] i386 cleanup part 3
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 2021 15:22:31 -0800

Based-on: 20210226175143.22388-1-cfontana@suse.de
("[PATCH v25 00/20] i386 cleanup PART 2")

This started out to address a fixme in Claudio's patch set, then
wandered a bit, with cleanups and bug fixes in the code that I was
touching.  I stopped when I reached my original goal of removing

There are a lot of patches, but hopefully they're all small
enough to be obvious.


Richard Henderson (50):
  target/i386: Split out gen_exception_gpf
  target/i386: Split out check_cpl0
  target/i386: Unify code paths for IRET
  target/i386: Split out check_vm86_iopl
  target/i386: Split out check_iopl
  target/i386: Assert PE is set for user-only
  target/i386: Assert CPL is 3 for user-only
  target/i386: Assert IOPL is 0 for user-only
  target/i386: Assert !VM86 for x86_64 user-only
  target/i386: Assert CODE32 for x86_64 user-only
  target/i386: Assert SS32 for x86_64 user-only
  target/i386: Assert CODE64 for x86_64 user-only
  target/i386: Assert LMA for x86_64 user-only
  target/i386: Assert !ADDSEG for x86_64 user-only
  target/i386: Introduce REX_PREFIX
  target/i386: Tidy REX_B, REX_X definition
  target/i386: Move rex_r into DisasContext
  target/i386: Move rex_w into DisasContext
  target/i386: Remove DisasContext.f_st as unused
  target/i386: Reduce DisasContext.flags to uint32_t
  target/i386: Reduce DisasContext.override to int8_t
  target/i386: Reduce DisasContext.prefix to uint8_t
  target/i386: Reduce DisasContext.vex_[lv] to uint8_t
  target/i386: Reduce DisasContext popl_esp_hack and rip_offset to
  target/i386: Leave TF in DisasContext.flags
  target/i386: Reduce DisasContext jmp_opt, repz_opt to bool
  target/i386: Fix the comment for repz_opt
  target/i386: Reorder DisasContext members
  target/i386: Add stub generator for helper_set_dr
  target/i386: Assert !SVME for user-only
  target/i386: Assert !GUEST for user-only
  target/i386: Implement skinit in translate.c
  target/i386: Eliminate SVM helpers for user-only
  target/i386: Mark some helpers as noreturn
  target/i386: Simplify gen_debug usage
  target/i386: Tidy svm_check_intercept from tcg
  target/i386: Remove pc_start argument to gen_svm_check_intercept
  target/i386: Remove user stub for cpu_vmexit
  target/i386: Cleanup read_crN, write_crN, lmsw
  target/i386: Pass env to do_pause and do_hlt
  target/i386: Move invlpg, hlt, monitor, mwait to sysemu
  target/i386: Unify invlpg, invlpga
  target/i386: Inline user cpu_svm_check_intercept_param
  target/i386: Eliminate user stubs for read/write_crN, rd/wrmsr
  target/i386: Exit tb after wrmsr
  target/i386: Tidy gen_check_io
  target/i386: Pass in port to gen_check_io
  target/i386: Create helper_check_io
  target/i386: Move helper_check_io to sysemu
  target/i386: Remove user-only i/o stubs

 target/i386/cpu.h                    |   8 +
 target/i386/helper.h                 |  43 +-
 target/i386/tcg/helper-tcg.h         |   5 +-
 target/i386/tcg/bpt_helper.c         |   2 +-
 target/i386/tcg/excp_helper.c        |  18 +-
 target/i386/tcg/misc_helper.c        |  79 +--
 target/i386/tcg/seg_helper.c         |  43 --
 target/i386/tcg/sysemu/misc_helper.c |  52 +-
 target/i386/tcg/sysemu/seg_helper.c  |  29 +
 target/i386/tcg/sysemu/svm_helper.c  |  30 +-
 target/i386/tcg/translate.c          | 891 ++++++++++++++-------------
 target/i386/tcg/user/misc_stubs.c    |  75 ---
 target/i386/tcg/user/svm_stubs.c     |  76 ---
 target/i386/tcg/user/meson.build     |   2 -
 14 files changed, 600 insertions(+), 753 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 target/i386/tcg/user/misc_stubs.c
 delete mode 100644 target/i386/tcg/user/svm_stubs.c


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