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Re: [PATCH v4 00/26] Hexagon (target/hexagon) update

From: Richard Henderson
Subject: Re: [PATCH v4 00/26] Hexagon (target/hexagon) update
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2021 09:27:42 -0700
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On 4/8/21 6:07 PM, Taylor Simpson wrote:
Taylor Simpson (26):
   Hexagon (target/hexagon) TCG generation cleanup
   Hexagon (target/hexagon) cleanup gen_log_predicated_reg_write_pair
   Hexagon (target/hexagon) remove unnecessary inline directives
   Hexagon (target/hexagon) use env_archcpu and env_cpu
   Hexagon (target/hexagon) properly generate TB end for DISAS_NORETURN
   Hexagon (target/hexagon) decide if pred has been written at TCG gen
   Hexagon (target/hexagon) change variables from int to bool when
   Hexagon (target/hexagon) remove unused carry_from_add64 function
   Hexagon (target/hexagon) change type of softfloat_roundingmodes
   Hexagon (target/hexagon) use softfloat default NaN and tininess
   Hexagon (target/hexagon) replace float32_mul_pow2 with float32_scalbn
   Hexagon (target/hexagon) use softfloat for float-to-int conversions
   Hexagon (target/hexagon) cleanup ternary operators in semantics
   Hexagon (target/hexagon) cleanup reg_field_info definition
   Hexagon (target/hexagon) move QEMU_GENERATE to only be on during
   Hexagon (target/hexagon) compile all debug code
   Hexagon (target/hexagon) add F2_sfrecipa instruction
   Hexagon (target/hexagon) add F2_sfinvsqrta
   Hexagon (target/hexagon) add A5_ACS (vacsh)
   Hexagon (target/hexagon) add A6_vminub_RdP
   Hexagon (target/hexagon) add A4_addp_c/A4_subp_c
   Hexagon (target/hexagon) circular addressing
   Hexagon (target/hexagon) bit reverse (brev) addressing
   Hexagon (target/hexagon) load and unpack bytes instructions
   Hexagon (target/hexagon) load into shifted register instructions
   Hexagon (target/hexagon) CABAC decode bin

Queued, thanks.


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