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Re: Pointer Masking prototype for RISC-V QEMU

From: Richard Henderson
Subject: Re: Pointer Masking prototype for RISC-V QEMU
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2020 08:05:56 -0500
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On 10/5/20 1:48 AM, Alexey Baturo wrote:
> Richard, thank you for the reply!
>>See https://wiki.qemu.org/Contribute/SubmitAPatch
>>Experimental features (i.e. non-ratified isa extensions) are acceptable, but
> they need to be off by default
> So, if I got you right, I could put my changes under an experimental extension
> knob and submit a patch into the mailing list, and it could be accepted, while
> the extension itself is under development?

Yes.  That's what we did for the V extension.


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