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Re: not excluding socket dir?

From: Joe Steele
Subject: Re: not excluding socket dir?
Date: Sat, 9 May 2020 12:00:37 -0400
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After running your backup with the exclusion, have you looked in /mnt/backup/backups/mail/var/lib/imap/ to see if the socket directory was, in fact, excluded? My guess is that it is not there.

My guess is that you first made a backup without the '--exclude /mnt/snap/var/lib/imap/socket' exclusion, and then you added the exclusion later. I'm also assuming that you are using v1.2.8. (Newer v2.0 should not have the problem.)

The first backup of a socket can succeed without error whereas subsequent backups can generate the warning whenever the socket is either changed or removed (or in your case, excluded). Details for why this can occur are given in a bug report of mine from 2009:


My guess is that the warning will only appear the first time after you have added the exclusion. After that, the warning should no longer appear for the excluded socket. But if you wish, you can apply the patch contained in the bug report to prevent the problem in the future.

As Eric noted, there is no real value in backing up sockets. In fact, the tar command never backs up sockets.


On 5/9/2020 2:01 AM, EricZolf wrote:
Hi Derek,

On 08/05/2020 02:31, Derek Atkins wrote:

I am trying to backup a mail server but it's complaining about a socket
error..  BUT I thought I was excluding that directory.  The command I'm

/usr/bin/rdiff-backup --exclude /mnt/snap/dev --exclude
/mnt/snap/lost+found --exclude /mnt/snap/media --exclude /mnt/snap/mnt
--exclude /mnt/snap/proc --exclude /mnt/snap/run --exclude /mnt/snap/sys
--include /mnt/snap/var/www --include /mnt/snap/var/spool/imap --include
/mnt/snap/var/spool/mail --include /mnt/snap/var/spool/postfix --include
/mnt/snap/var/spool/rsvp --include /mnt/snap/var/lib/postfix --exclude
/mnt/snap/var/lib/imap/socket --include /mnt/snap/var/lib/imap --include
/mnt/snap/var/lib/squirrelmail --include /mnt/snap/var/spool/cron
--include /mnt/snap/usr/local --exclude /mnt/snap/bin --exclude
/mnt/snap/lib --exclude /mnt/snap/lib64 --exclude /mnt/snap/sbin --exclude
/mnt/snap/tmp --exclude /mnt/snap/usr --exclude /mnt/snap/var
mail_backup::/mnt/snap/ /mnt/backup/backups/mail

And I get this output:

SpecialFileError var/lib/imap/socket/idle.10314 Socket error: AF_UNIX path
too long
SpecialFileError var/lib/imap/socket/idle.10325 Socket error: AF_UNIX path
too long

Aren't I excluding the directory properly?

I don't know, I tried to re-create your issue locally, with the attached
script, and I don't get any error message, and the socket file and its
directory I create aren't backed-up:

$ tree /var/tmp/snap
└── var
     └── lib
         └── imap
             └── socket
                 └── idle.12345

4 directories, 1 file

$ tree /var/tmp/backup
└── backups
     └── mail
         ├── rdiff-backup-data
         │   ├── access_control_lists.2020-05-09T07:36:39+02:00.snapshot
         │   ├── backup.log
         │   ├── chars_to_quote
         │   ├── current_mirror.2020-05-09T07:36:39+02:00.data
         │   ├── error_log.2020-05-09T07:36:39+02:00.data
         │   ├── extended_attributes.2020-05-09T07:36:39+02:00.snapshot.gz
         │   ├── file_statistics.2020-05-09T07:36:39+02:00.data.gz
         │   ├── increments
         │   │   └── var
         │   │       └── lib
         │   ├── mirror_metadata.2020-05-09T07:36:39+02:00.snapshot.gz
         │   ├── session_statistics.2020-05-09T07:36:39+02:00.data
         │   └── special_escapes
         └── var
             └── lib
                 └── imap

9 directories, 10 files

This is with 2.0.0 on Fedora 32. Which version(s) are you using on which
OS(s)? There was an issue covered by a test called test_long_socket_name
in testing/longnametest.py. You're actually rather far away from the
limit of 107 characters, but it could still be your issue. Sockets are
IMHO not worth being saved so you could use `--exclude-sockets`.

KR, Eric

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