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EPEL packages for CentOS6/7

From: John Harman
Subject: EPEL packages for CentOS6/7
Date: Sun, 10 May 2020 09:40:46 +0100

I see that the Rdiff-backup 2.0 update has pushed out to CentOS 7 servers
via EPEL overnight (on a Saturday night - great timing!).

In my case this has broken several backups because the CentOS 6 backup
master pulls from the child servers which are mostly CentOS 7.

Browsing the EPEL repositories I can't see any sign of RPM packages to
allow me to install Rdiff-backup 2.x on CentOS 6.

Am I missing something and if not short of an urgent upgrade of every
remaining CentOS 6 server what options do I (and I'm sure many like me)



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