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Re: filelist glob usage frustration

From: RL
Subject: Re: filelist glob usage frustration
Date: Tue, 12 May 2020 16:30:05 -0500
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Appreciate your prompt help.

> AFAICJ your main error is to mix absolute paths in the glob list with 
> relative paths on the command line.

I had thought that the relative addresses resolved to absolute addresses before 
execution. IOW, that the relative paths in the command line appear to rdiff as 
absolute paths or lists of absolute values when it is executing because the 
shell resolves them before passing them as arguments to the program. Not?

Ah. It looks like there is a sinkhole in my understanding of shell behavior. 
The trivial tests now run as expected. Onward. Thank you very much for your 


I am replying to the list in response to your email but not copying you. Is 
that the usual best way? Or should I copy you as well? (I have not been active 
in lists for a very long while.)

I normally top-post and leave the minimum quote needed for clarity. From 
dial-up days. Not sure if that is best on a list now. Better to always quote 
fully, or maybe interleave relevant snippets and crop less germane bits? Or 
some other form?


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