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Re: filelist glob usage frustration

From: Eric Lavarde
Subject: Re: filelist glob usage frustration
Date: Wed, 13 May 2020 07:30:34 +0200
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On 12/05/2020 23:30, RL wrote:
> Ah. It looks like there is a sinkhole in my understanding of shell behavior. 
> The trivial tests now run as expected. Onward. Thank you very much for your 
> help.

Yep, shells generally only resolve wildcards and variables (and a few
other similar things), and not relative paths. You can see it with e.g.
`echo ./relativepath * ${HOME} $(date)`, you'll see what get resolved by
the shell and what not.

> (Bookkeeping)
> I am replying to the list in response to your email but not copying you. Is 
> that the usual best way? Or should I copy you as well? (I have not been 
> active in lists for a very long while.)

Do not copy me, please. I read the list and else it confuses my filter.

> I normally top-post and leave the minimum quote needed for clarity. From 
> dial-up days. Not sure if that is best on a list now. Better to always quote 
> fully, or maybe interleave relevant snippets and crop less germane bits? Or 
> some other form?

Whatever is reasonable for the specific case :-)

I personally prefer to crop useless parts, the thread has the history,
not each e-mail, and top-post or interleave, depending on the complexity
of my answer. If something is worth documenting, it anyway belongs in
the docs...

KR, Eric

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