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Re: [Repo-criteria-discuss] New GitHab Terms of Service

From: Andrew Ferguson
Subject: Re: [Repo-criteria-discuss] New GitHab Terms of Service
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2017 10:08:18 +0000
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Not having a legal background, I don't fully understand the arguments given here, but it appears that the new ToS may be a serious threat to copyleft software hosted on GitHub.


If anyone on this list could take a look at the new ToS and see if this is true, I think this is a priority now.

On 01/03/17 16:30, Aaron Wolf wrote:
On 03/01/2017 07:16 AM, Andrew Ferguson wrote:
Hi all,

I rarely use GitHub, but sometimes it is necessary to contribute to
others' projects, and when I logged on today I noticed that yesterday
(28th February) GitHub introduced a new Terms of Service agreement

This potentially could change GitHub's rating on the criteria, although
I have had a brief look through and there is nothing that jumps out as
being particularly bad. I'd appreciate if (and advise) that someone more
experienced in these matters than me looks over them, to see if they
might affect GitHub's rating.

One interesting thing I did note in the Terms is that GitHub has
licensed them
under the Creative Commons Attribution license, which I find interesting
(I know that there are reasons the FSF only permits verbatim copying of
the GPL). This doesn't particularly affect the Terms themselves, but as
they can now be modified it might help other services who are looking
for help getting terms - I seem to remember that this was the case with
NotABug as of May last year, although that issue has now been resolved.

Wrong subject! You wrote "GitLab" in the subject instead of GitHub!

The CC-BY license for GitHub's terms is great, it means the legal terms
can be adapted and reused as useful.

I haven't otherwise reviewed the updates

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