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Re: Please review

From: Yuchen Pei
Subject: Re: Please review
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2021 10:02:48 +1000
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Richard Stallman <> writes:

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> I don't know saass well enough to improve this answer ("not > sure"). A concise definition would certainly help. For > example, > does CI / CD (something codeberg is planning to provide) > count as > SaaSS?

What does "CI / CO" mean? And can someone tell me what activities it consists of? It may very well be SaaSS. If so, the question of what
we should say about it may be difficult.

CI / CD is continuous integration / continuous deployment (or development). But I mainly see CI, rather than CD with / Wikipedia says "In software engineering, continuous integration (CI) is the practice of merging all developers' working copies to a shared mainline several times a day.", but it may also involve compiling and testing code ( on a server. I don't know what kind of CI is run on, or even and whether these services count as SaaSS.

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