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Re: [Savannah-hackers-public] Volunteers to help with pending project su

From: Mario Castelan Castro
Subject: Re: [Savannah-hackers-public] Volunteers to help with pending project submissions
Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2010 19:58:10 -0500

Hash: SHA256

August 9th 2010 in for Kete <address@hidden> copy in
"address@hidden" thread "Volunteers to help with
pending project submissions".

Hi Kete.

You can help us by reviewing the projects in
Please pick one or more non-assigned projects an review them.  Here are
some points I ask you to check, though this is NOT a reference.  The
hosting requirements (See below) are a reference but we do not want the
submitted projects to meet only marginally those requirements, we want
to educate the developers, encourage the spirit of free software and the
correct licensing of free software.

All projects should meet our hosting requirements,
(  This article
can be helpful too when checking compliance.

The free software definition is  Please check whether the
project and its dependencies are free software according to this
definition.  Also, the submitted project must be GNU GPL-compatible.  If
the project uses the GNU General Public License or the GNU Free
Documentation license the "or any later version" clause is required,
more information in  There is
a listing of several free and non-free licenses at  If you can't find the
license of the project or a dependency in this list let us know by
writing to this list.

We don't host full GNU/Linux distributions (See sv-problem-distro) but
we may host individual tools if they meet our hosting requirements.

Please, if you think the project don't comply with our requirements, or
you think there is a reason because we shouldn't host it, write to this
list.  If you need more information about the project (A comprehensive
list of dependencies for example) ask the maintainer (Who have submitted
the project) to provide that information.

Please download the tarball (If there is no tarball, ask the maintainer
to submit it).  Beware some tarballs have files in the top level; you
maybe want to examine them before unpacking.  Personally I have a
dedicated directory for savannah-sent tarball unpacking.  You can
SUGGEST the maintainer to follow the customary practice about tarballs
(All files in one top-level directory) but note this is not a
requirement at all, just a suggestion for the sake of their users.

Every copyright-able file (usually all those above 10 lines long) must
carry valid copyright notices and licensing information according to  The
copyright holder must be a valid legal entity; if you find a nickname
please ask the maintainer to use his real name (Use
sv-problem-copyright-holder in savannah.el).  If you find a file without
copyright notices or without license information ask the maintainer to
include it.

Here is a HOW-TO about the GNU [AL]GPL:, for the GNU FDL: which may be useful for you
and for the maintainer; the GPL HOWTO can be useful for other licenses
as well.

If a file can't contain licensing information inside ask the maintainer
to create a "README" file in the same directory or in the tarball top
directory which includes the copyright & licensing information for those
files, an example of such README file is available at

Please post in the tracker of the corresponding project asking the
maintainer to fix the current issues with the project, and list them.
You can use the templates from savannah.el to describe some issues.  If
you download savannah.el, take a look at the file, apart from containing
templates for evaluations regarding the most common issues also contains
useful links to howtos and guides.  If you are unsure about a review
please send it to this list instead of the tracker.  When posting in the
tracker please state your review is not yet official and provide links
with further information about the issues with the project, if any (Like
I did in this message itself).  When you feel a project is ready for
approval tell us, then we will check it and approve if everything is ok.
Don't hesitate to ask us if you need more information with the reviewing
processes or the maintainer if you need more information about the

More information about the overall evaluation processes in  There
are also the instructions to get savannah.el.

Regards and thanks you for your interest in helping at GNU Savannah.
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