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Re: [Savannah-hackers-public] bzr post-commit email hook

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: [Savannah-hackers-public] bzr post-commit email hook
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2017 17:38:36 -0700
User-agent: NeoMutt/20170113 (1.7.2)

Hi Glenn,

Thanks for jumping in with bzr and helping out.  Your expertise is
greatly appreciated.

Glenn Morris wrote:
> (the latter is guesswork on my part since I'm not familiar with the
> current host migration)

Let me get you up to speed on the important parts.  vcs is still very
much acive.  vcs is holding the data /srv/bzr/* for all of the bits.
Which means that anything that needs root access to the files needs to
run on vcs.  Meaning cronjobs.  Cronjobs still need to run on vcs.

vcs0 has no disk space.  Eventually the FSF will bring those new disks
they got online and we will be able to replace vcs with new disk
space.  But until then we have no disk space.  Therefore we are still
using vcs for disk space.

vcs0 NFS mounts vcs at /net/vcs with a boot time mounted mountpoint.
Saying that to be explicit that /net is not an automounter.  Any path
other path needs a symlnk to get to that data.

  address@hidden:~# ll /srv
  lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 11 Dec  3 16:15 /srv -> net/vcs/srv

Standard NFS rules apply.  Including root_squash.  Root on vcs0 has no
special permission on vcs0.  Root on vcs0 can't be root on /net/vcs
anywhere.  If you need root access you must log into vcs.  (Currently.
If we get another VM I would set up one of them as a root admin node
over NFS without root squash.  But that is a future direction.)  On
vcs0 any other user is fine.  Standard user:group permissions apply
and those are okay over NFS.

> Poking around, it looks like:
> On vcs, /usr/local/bin/sv_membersh is used
> On vcs0, /opt/savannah/savane/backend/accounts/sv_membersh is used instead

/opt/savannah/savane/backend/accounts/sv_membersh is a checked out
copy of the git source for Savannah's savane source code.  That is the
source code copy of the file.  That isn't the live file.

  vcs:~# getent passwd rwp
  rwp:x:65821:1003:Bob Proulx:/srv:/usr/local/bin/sv_membersh

  address@hidden:~# getent passwd rwp
  rwp:x:65821:1003:Bob Proulx:/srv:/opt/savannah/bin/sv_membersh

The live file is /srv:/opt/savannah/bin/sv_membersh on vcs0 and
/usr/local/bin/sv_membersh on vcs.  We are trying to consolidate
everything about Savannah in /opt/savannah now as opposed to having
things scattered here and there around the system.  That consolidation
is not complete but making progress.

Having said that, now that everthing (version control tools) is moved
from vcs to vcs0 the only one that matters is the vcs0 version.  The
vcs sv_membersh is no longer active.  No ssh access to vcs for version
control tools now.  Now all is idle there.  It is now only serving
disk data by NFS.  It is now a pure NFS server.  Except for the local
cronjobs that still need to run there.

> vcs0:sv_membersh is not synced with vcs:sv_membersh .
> In particular, it is missing all the bzr changes I made years ago.
> I'm not sure how that could happen, but perhaps I am not looking at the
> right file. If I am, I would suggest you update the vcs0 sv_membersh to
> match the one on vcs.

Look at the old vcs:/usr/local/bin/sv_membersh and the new
vcs0:/opt/savannah/bin/sv_membersh.  It is possible that in all of the
happenings that files did not get copied from the correct source.
Because each of the five VMs have their own copies of that file.

Thanks for jumping in and helping out here!


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