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[task #15757] Submission of Guix Translations

From: Amin Bandali
Subject: [task #15757] Submission of Guix Translations
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2020 11:08:10 -0400 (EDT)
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Follow-up Comment #7, task #15757 (project administration):

[comment #6 comment #6:]
> [comment #5 comment #5:]
> > 
> > I'm inclined to think that as of now, "Official GNU software" is the
> > best choice for guix-i18n, given that Guix itself is "Official GNU
> > software" and translations are most often considered part of the same
> > project.
> Well, a part of an official GNU package isn't necessarily also a GNU
> package (in most cases it isn't). for example, we don't want all
> possible parts of GNU packages to be listed on
> as GNU packages (that would be neither feasible nor useful).

Okay I think I see your point.

> > However, if we'd like to add new group types for translations, the
> > possible candidates could be "Translations of official GNU software"
> > and "Translations of non-GNU software and documentation".
> > 
> > If we are aiming to be more general than just translations, we could
> > perhaps do "Extras for official GNU software" and "Extras for non-GNU
> > software and documentation"?
> "Extras" or "portions" look good to me; I'm not sure we'll need the
> "non-GNU" counterpart: likewise, we have no "nongnu translation teams"
> or "non-GNU user groups".

Either of those would work for me as well.  And sure, we can only add
what we need right now, and only add the others at some point in the
future if there is an actual need for them.


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