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[screen-devel] more feature ideas..

From: Edward Peschko
Subject: [screen-devel] more feature ideas..
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2009 17:42:25 -0700

BTW - a couple more features that would be great to see, and maybe could
be put into a features list.

    - buffering of ?, /, : commands, and the ability to cycle through them.
      eg. if you :tsearch 'my_search_screen' before, then
      :t <up-arrow> would pop-up that command (think shell history)

    - buffering for 'copy and mark' mode; and a way to access that
      buffer via a two letter combo (if the buffer contains the pattern
      _getrerun' it could be accessed via: C-a <comma>_<up-arrow>)

In each case, it would be great (and much more useful) if you could
type the first characters of the pattern to match, and <up> or <down>
arrow to cycle through them.

I use this functionality in tcsh all the time, and would gladly implement
them if I had the upfront development time and knowledge around the
screen source code.. Maybe in a couple of months.. :(


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