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Re: [screen-devel] GNU Screen v.4.2.0

From: Amadeusz Sławiński
Subject: Re: [screen-devel] GNU Screen v.4.2.0
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2014 18:54:03 +0200

On Thu, 17 Apr 2014 15:52:37 +0200
Jürgen Weigert <address@hidden> wrote:

> Amadeusz et all:
> At opensuse, we have a wagonload of patches, that I'd like to offer
> for your review and merge into upstream.

If anyone else has any patches, please share ;)

>   * added msg_version_3.patch (ouch, incompatible protocol, to be
> upstreamed asap)

on screen-v4 branch

>   * keep screen-man-loginshell.diff (to be upstreamed)
>   * keep term_too_long.diff (savannah#30880, to be upstreamed)

I used a bit different version based on what I found in manpages

>   * keep use_locale.diff (from address@hidden 2012, check?)
>   * keep screen-4.0.3-ipv6.patch (builtin telnet, to be upstreamed)
>   * keep screen_enhance_windows_list.patch (to be upstreamed)
>   * keep screen-poll-zombies.patch (to be upstreamed)
>   * keep xX_string_escape.patch (renamed from show_all_active.patch,
> to be upstreamed)
>   * keep sort_command.patch (from trenn 2011, to be upstreamed)
>   * keep libtinfo.diff (from coolo 2011, why exactly?)

For this I used patch from gentoo, as it seems to provide better
checks, it checks for alternative libraries to use instead of curses one

>   * keep global_screenrc.patch (renamed from screen-4.0.2.dif)

With regards to rest of the patches, I would like to merge them when I
start merging my tree (some of them are already in there).


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