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Can a program create a new window ?

From: Nicolas Vigier
Subject: Can a program create a new window ?
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2005 19:06:30 +0100 (CET)


When I am using a textmode program such as mutt or slrn, it often happens
that while I started answering a message, I want to come back to the
message list and display the message I'm answering (or an other one),
but I don't want to lose the message I started writting. Using a graphical
program it is often possible as the program usually opens a new window
when you compose a message and let you come back to the message list
without having to finish writting your message. However for textmode
programs there is only one window, so it is not possible. Using screen
it is possible to have many virtual windows in a term, but as far as I
know, creating a new window is only possible using a key binding
(like C-a c). Is there a way that a program running in a screen can
create a new window, and display something inside ? I think that would
be a useful feature.

The program would be linked to a libscreen (for example), then it could
create a new screen window, and a fork would use that new window.

Do you think this would be something difficult to do ? Or maybe this
feature is aldready there and I'm just not aware of it ?

I'm asking the screen experts what they think about that before I start
looking at it ...



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