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Setting up a screen session from a script?

From: Jonathan del Strother
Subject: Setting up a screen session from a script?
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 23:47:10 +0000

I'm trying to come up with a convenience-script to set up a Rails editing environment using screen. It looks something like this :

cd /Users/jon/Developer/Rails
screen -c /Users/jon/.screenrc_rails

So, that just changes into my Rails directory, then launches screen with the custom config file .screenrc_rails. That file looks like this:

source /Users/jon/.screenrc
screen  -t Server               0       script/server
screen  -t Console      1       script/console
screen                          2

Which loads the usual .screenrc presets, then creates a few different windows running server & console processes, and finally leaves me in a blank window ready for me to do stuff.

That works great if I run the command from a screen-less bash session. However, if I'm already running within a screen session, "screen -c /Users/jon/.screenrc_rails" just spawns a single new window and ignores the config file.

Any suggestions? What's the best way of getting this script to produce the right setup, regardless of the environment it's initially run in?


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