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how to detach multi-display session from one single display (emacsclient

From: Gregor Zattler
Subject: how to detach multi-display session from one single display (emacsclient question)
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 22:00:46 +0100
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Hi screen-users,

via   screen -x   it is possible to attach several times from
various displays to one single screen session.  But how do I end
one such connection to this screen session without detatching the
others (via command line)?

I use this simple line of bash script:

{ emacsclient --alternate-editor "emacs -nw"  "$@" ; screen -d emacsserver ; } 
&>/dev/null  & screen -x emacsserver

to attach to an emacsserver running in a screen session.  If I use
this script several times from several windows for different files I
will see the last opened file in all windows (that's not optimal
but o.k.).  When done with editing one file (via ^x# aka
server-edit) all windows show the previous file. But then my
script detaches this screen session running emacsserver via
screen -d   and this screen session is detached for all windows
instead only for the one I'm currently working in.  

The crucial part is "screen -d emacsserver".  Any ideas what to
do instead?

Ciao, Gregor
 -... --- .-. . -.. ..--.. ...-.-

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