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Re: attaching detached sessions to the current one

From: Joe Zbiciak
Subject: Re: attaching detached sessions to the current one
Date: Tue, 16 May 2006 11:21:06 -0700 (PDT)

In my main use model, I'm multiplexed at multiple levels.  I often have more 
than one computer going (meaning two keyboards, two mice, two monitors).  I 
then usually run virtual desktop managers, giving me 4 to 6 desktops.  I then 
open up a bazillion xterms, because I generally prefer to have everything 
visible at the same time.  I then run screen only for jobs I'll want to detach 
and reattach later.  The wrapper concept is useful in this model for the cases 
where you realize after the fact you'll want to detach and move something.
We sell Spatulas, and that's all!

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From: Eric D. Hendrickson <address@hidden>
To: Aaron Davies <address@hidden>
Cc: Joe Zbiciak <address@hidden>; address@hidden
Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2006 12:11:26 PM
Subject: Re: attaching detached sessions to the current one

I just do everything in screen.  But if you're tired of doing C-a
space to change screens, then just keep to one window in screen...  ;)

(To me, if you've got more than one screen, then you've got a reason
to use screen all the time anyway...)

"Aaron Davies" <address@hidden> writes:

> Yeah, pretty much. I got tired of going "ctrl-a a a a a <space>" to
> change screens. Anyone here know the Telnet Song, by Guy Steele and
> Knuth? Screen is the modern incarnation. :-)
> These days, my standard .*profile finshes up with a prompt asking me
> whether I want to run screen or not, and executes it as "-R -DD" if I
> say I do.
> I'd certainly be happy to put a screen wrapper in my profile if it
> meant I could attach arbitrary processes.

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